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Barographs are not only fascinating and attractive decorative engineering pieces for the home but when used as intended are of great benefit in forecasting the weather - yes they have a purpose as well as looking great! Once you have a barograph you will need to look after it sensibly as well as provide new charts and ink and occasionally a nib. Our director Philip Collins wrote one of his books on 'Barographs' which also includes details of general maintenance which can be purchased online also - makes a good birthday or Christmas present as well. The variety of old barographs and consequently the different types of charts once available was incredible, if we do not have the correct chart for your instrument it might be possible to print some specially if cost is not too much of an issue.

The slideshow on the right shows some of the replacement charts and parts sold by Barometer World. Do look online for these and other barometer and barograph parts.

Old Barographs as well as some other recording instruments such as Thermographs (temperature recorders) use specially printed charts and a 'wet' ink nib system. More modern barographs may use fibre nibs and paper charts. We stock a selection of charts for barographs as well as ink and nib and some other spares, especially for the Gluck style barograph made since the 1950 in Great Britain.
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